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Dreams From Tomorrow

Welcome to my universe, Dreams From Tomorrow. My novels are collections of short stories, each with a different main character, tied together by the spirits that haunt us and a drug that keeps you young. In this world everyone takes Rejuvveron, the miracle drug that stabilizes your age forever. Seeing anyone over 25 is rare and wrinkles are surprising. Life might seem perfect but the world is filled with a host of monsters and spirits ready to take advantage of unfortunate souls. Follow the stories of Ligare, the sleep paralysis demon, Autumn, the muse, and others as their lives come into conflict with monsters, society, and drugs. 


Each story also contains two piece of art either digital or acrylic to help set the mood. These two books are just the beginning. I have many more book ideas centered on particular characters planned for the future. Check back to see whats on the horizon.

A powerful force, The Being, hunts across the earth creating abominations in his wake. One such monster is Ligare, the demon that causes sleep paralysis, a soul lacking in personality and hungering for creativity. His presence is a burden upon the world, draining passion from his victims. Autumn has been a homebody, taking care of her father for the last 100 years, made possible by the drug Rejuvveron. As she steps back into the world she accidentally changes the lives of those she meets. This collection of short stories show the effects these two have on the world around them and how theirs paths serendipitously cross.


The relentless feeding of The Being has caused many monster's to be born into the world. Each of these bastard children have a different path to follow. In this collection of short stories, learn more about the world of spirits and monsters that surround Autumn and Ligare. These include Ligare's brother Eensaamid, a creature born of love but eternally lonely and the Fading, a race of pale creatures that cannot remember their past. Also, sometimes man is the greatest monster of all.

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