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As a child, I always loved telling my parents fun facts, especially about animals. I first discovered I could transfer this love to teaching while working for Camp Exploration. There I taught the physics of medical weaponry and hovercrafts to 5th and 6th graders. I have loved teaching ever since. I have taught many biology courses in my career including during grad school for the University of Akron, and as an adjunct professor at Vassar College and Marist College. My career goal is to find a tenure track professor position dedication to teaching and giving Undergraduates proper research experience and skills.

Introductory Biology


Spider Web Inspired Art by Marist College Introductory Biology Student - Kevin G.

I have taught courses for both biology majors and non-majors. In both courses, I try to include as much relevant information and facts without turning the course into biology trivia challenge. I believe instilling a genuine curiosity in science, leads to students doing their own research in class and later in life. I attempt to use the amazing world of spiders and biology to train students to retain facts through interest. I have taught courses at both Vassar College and Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY


Spider Web Inspired Art by Marist College Introductory Biology Student - Emily T.

Antony presentation.png
Antony presentation2.png
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Screenshots from student educational presentation on insect flight


In my Biomechanics Seminar, I guide students through a list of interesting biomechanical animal systems. As we learn about the physics of their behavior, we read papers using various biomechanical experimental techniques. Students then perform hands-on experiments including conducting high-speed video analysis and materials testing. Later, students decide on a biological system of their choice and work in groups with other students creating scientific portfolios showing their mastery over their system; writing research papers, conducting experiments, creating educational presentations, etc. Examples of these projects have included the response of human lungs to chronic asthma, the physics of proper weightlifting, analysis of the flying mechanisms of insects, and many others.

Screenshots from student educational presentation on asthmas' effect on lung structure

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