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Man and Other Monsters

The relentless feeding of the Being has caused many monster's to be born into the world. Each of these bastard children have a different path to follow. In this collection of short stories, learn more about the world of spirits and monsters that surround Autumn and Ligare. These include Ligare's brother Eensaamid, a creature born of love but eternally lonely and the Fading, a race of pale creatures that cannot remember their past. Unfortunately, though, sometimes man is the greatest monster of all.

Click below to read a summary of each short story in the collection and see some art featured in the books. Each story has two pieces of art, either digital or acrylic, that bookend them.

The Historian

The Historian_FullArt2-01.png

A mysterious newspaper reporter arrives at the house of Maria and Chet Moore, who have just celebrated their 200th wedding anniversary, asking how they kept love going for so long.

A Voice in the Music

Lee is partying in New Dionysus when something about the music starts to harsh her mellow.

There's a Rock In the Room

A Rock's court.png

Paulson is renovating his basement and he finds a dazzling crystal. His personality starts to change. Why is he so obsessed with it?

Cyber Disconnection

Neil is being hunted by something in his computer, so why does he feel so isolated and depressed?

Dancing for the King


Camilla has been spending her nights walking on her bum ankle and looking for a mysterious voice that calls her to the park.

The Fading

The Fading_background removed-01.png

Vincente doesn't know anything about his past and searches the world for a spark of memory. All he knows is that his eyes are now a deep green and his skin is porcelain white- it also glows.

The Tower in Town

The Tower In Town-01.png

Robin is a small child with skin as white as snow, living in a mysterious village of the Faded. They are obsessed with a beautiful sparkling tower in the center of town. What does it hide?

The Book of Yori

Yori is afflicted with a curse that causes her to hurt those around her. When she finall wakes up from her

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