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Ligare and the Muse

A powerful force, The Being, hunts across the earth creating abominations in his wake. One such monster is Ligare, the demon that causes sleep paralysis, a soul lacking in personality and hungering for creativity. His presence is burden upon the world, draining passion from his victims. Autumn has been a homebody, taking care of her father for the last 100 years, made possible by the drug Rejuvveron. As she steps back into the world she accidentally changes the lives of those she meets. This collection of short stories show the effect these two have on the world around them and how theirs paths serendipitously cross.

Click below to read a summary of each short story in the collection and see some art featured in the books. Each story has two pieces of art, either digital or acrylic, that bookend them.

In the Beginning

From the magic of the birthing stars, some light begins to join together and a monster is born.


Cluttered Table.png

Autumn starts her first day of work, out in the real world, at the ripe old age of 140.

Waking from a Dream

Ligare's hunger reaches its peak and he searched the city for his next meal.

On the Run

Mary watchers her son through the rear-view mirror as he sleeps. He is sick and they are on the run.

The Matriarch

Something deep within Mary births the Matriarch and she will not be stopped.

With a Steady Grip

As Cordelia spends the day at home sick and in pain. She is stalked by Ligare who is ready for another meal.

Markov's Home For Guidance Towards Joy

Buster returns to his childhood home, Markov's home for guidance toward joy, and wonders if he has the strength to go back in.

Going Home

Marshal finds himself in a magical land within no memory of how he got there and only Ligare to guide him.

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